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Welcome to our Growth Without Barriers video library. Below you will find a description of, as well as links to previous webcasts. Hosts Karen Kerrigan, President & CEO of SBE Council, and Andrew Sherman, Founder and Chief Educator of Grow Fast, Grow Right hope you enjoy the content provided in the webcast. Andrew has also provided a complementary Power Point presentation of the key points made during each webcast.

 Growth Without Barriers also thanks From the Hill sponsor AT&T, whose support is bringing thousands of entrepreneurs important marketplace and policy information and trends impacting their business operations and plans for growth and investment.

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Growth Without Barriers Webcast Library

Building Effective Advisory Boards, September 28, 2006:
Advisory boards are an underutilized strategy that can be a powerful tool for growing your enterprise. While building an advisory board is highly useful in moving your business to the next level, effectively leveraging members' expertise, contacts and strengths will maximize the board's effectiveness, and the firm's growth potential. This webcast takes you through key steps in developing an advisory board, and provides important tips for building and managing a board that produces measurable returns.
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Raising Capital in an Uncertain and Competitive Environment, and Post-Election Outlook for Entrepreneurs, November 8, 2006:
The timeless topic of this webcast focuses on key trends in the private equity markets, the key issues in preparing a Business Plan, understanding debt vs. equity alternatives, general tips for preparing for a meeting with investors, and other related guidance on the capital formation process. Our From the Hill segment reviews how the 2006 mid-term election will impact the policy agenda for entrepreneurs.
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Strategies for Cutting Costs and Improving Profitability, February 28, 2007:
The core topic for this February 28 webcast addressed competitiveness with respect to cost-cutting and improving profitability. Andrew and Karen covered strategies for reducing costs without sacrificing service, quality and growth. A number of issues will be covered including, for example, the move towards "consumer-centered health care" and why small and growing firms should consider this option.
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Constructing and Redesigning an Effective Business Plan, March 14, 2007:
The core topic for this webcast is the most critical component of running a successful enterprise. Very few, if any, successful entrepreneurs run by the seat of their pants. Not only is thoughtful business planning an absolute necessity for the start-up business, it remains essential for the growing, successful firm. The basics of building a realistic business plan were covered in this broadcast, as well as what to do when re-visiting and updating an existing plan or strategy. As always, Andrew and Karen shared their inside knowledge From the Hill, and what they've picked up working alongside some of today's most innovative business and thought leaders.
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Protecting and Harvesting Your Intellectual Capital, April 11, 2007:
This important webcast covered the critical but often overlooked aspect of protecting and harvesting your business's Intellectual Capital. Andrew Sherman covered the critical aspects of protecting IP, but also shared ways to most effectively reap its benefits through IP management systems and various leveraging strategies.
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Building and Keeping Great Teams, May 22, 2007:
Keeping and retaining skilled employees is a top priority and challenge for entrepreneurs. This webcast addressed how employers can find, recruit and keep good employees, as well as tips and strategies for attracting, keeping and getting the best from your human capital.
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Building Your Brand, July 10, 2007:
The timely and timeless topic of "Building Your Brand" focused on the role and importance of building a recognized brand in today's competitive marketplace. Webcast content addressed Best Practices in branding for small and growing companies. There were great questions from participants, which provided grist for the mill in addressing branding strategies.

Powerful Sales and Marketing Strategies!, September 25, 2007: "Building Your Brand and Best Practices for Small and Growing Companies" focused on specific sales and marketing strategies to help drive top-line growth. Topics included: building and motivating an effective sales force, understanding the basics of building a marketing plan, building an effective public relations and promotional campaign, best practices in developing and implementing marketing strategies and a special segment on web-based marketing.  To view the webcast, please visit:

Building Effective Sales Distribution Channels, November 8, 2007:  "Building Effective Sales Distribution Channels" was the third in a series of webcast presentations that addressed sales growth and marketing strategies.  This specific webcast addressed building effective distribution channels, including channel partner relationships both offline and online, via e-commerce. To view the webcast, please visit:

Staying Competitive and Profitable in Uncertain Economic Times, April 17, 2008:  Co-hosts Sherman and Kerrigan shared a variety of stories and strategies about what  firms are doing to survive - even thrive -- during this uncertain economic period. Such strategies include ways that businesses are streamlining costs, identifying and targeting new markets and leveraging current economic conditions to develop and exploit niche products and services.  To view the webcast, please visit:

Taking Control: Uncertainty Bring Opportunity, February 17, 2009:  The program focused on ways that entrepreneurs can command more control and certainty over the own business fate in the face of economic uncertainty.  Subjects covered include accessing capital, doing business with the federal government, marketing strategies, driving revenue growth, employee recruitment and retention, the U.S. policy outlook and more.  To view this website, please visit:

Thriving and Surviving in a Recovering Economy, October 23, 2009:   This webcast focused on key ways that businesses are surviving, growing and thriving during the turbulent economic period.  Karen Kerrigan reviewed Health Care Reform and Small Business where participants received a comprehensive update on legislative efforts on Capitol Hill including overhaul proposals, tax changes and regulatory initiatives that effect entrepreneurs.  To view the webcast, please visit:

2010 Trends: Growth and Opportunity,  December 10, 2009:   "Trends 2010" webcast led with a variety of significant trends in the consumer and business markets, as well as broader trends that offer growth opportunities for enterprises. Andrew covered a variety of topics, including: Effective growth strategies in a time of volatility; Access to affordable capital for growth; Dusting off your business plan and retooling your strategic plan; Harvesting intellectual capital; Succession and exit planning as baby boomers age. To view the webcast, please visit:

Accessing Capital 2010: Outlook and Strategies, January 26, 2010:  Hosts Karen Kerrigan, President & CEO, SBE Council and Andrew Sherman, renowned business growth guru and partner at Jones Day, covered the latest market intelligence regarding the availability of capital and credit for 2010.  They also reviewed legislation, policy initiatives and the political environment and how this will impact the availability of capital in the coming year.  To view the webcast, please visit:



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