Kerrigan Applauds Signing of JOBS Act
April 5, 2012


CONTACT: Karen Kerrigan



National Advocate for Entrepreneurs Applauds Signing of JOBS Act

Washington, D.C. - Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council) president & CEO Karen Kerrigan released the following statement in anticipation of President Barack Obama's signing of the Jumpstart Our Businesses Startup (JOBS) Act today.  Kerrigan will attend the bill signing ceremony, which is scheduled to take place at the White House this afternoon.

Kerrigan's statement:

"Entrepreneurs are thrilled to see Washington working on their behalf.  Passage of the JOBS Act is proof that elected officials and leaders can put political differences aside for the good of the country and the economy.

"President Obama's steadfast leadership and support of the JOBS Act was central to this important victory for small businesses.  The unwavering support of House and Senate Republican leaders, as well as the collaborative work that many Democrat and GOP members of Congress put into this important package was critical to a successful legislative effort.   These leaders on both sides of the political aisle were driven by one goal - to find solutions that would free up capital for America's job creators.  This was, and remains, an issue that they continually heard about in their individual meetings with small business constituents, public roundtables, or at congressional hearings.

"The lack of access to capital is holding budding entrepreneurs and promising firms back, and without money or credit these businesses cannot grow, innovate or create jobs.  The JOBS Act is a potent mix of regulatory reforms and relief that will free up precious capital for growth, and create new models and platforms for businesses to raise funds.  I look forward to working with small business leaders in the Congress to advance additional initiatives that will help entrepreneurs better compete and grow in the challenging global economy."     

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