December 9, 2021

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August 9, 2012
Kerrigan Awarded "Champion Small Business Influencer 2012"

August 3, 2012
July Jobs Data "Stoke Deep Worries," says SBE Council Chief Economist Keating

August 2, 2012
KEY VOTE on Comprehensive Tax Reform: H.R. 6169

August 1, 2012
KEY VOTE: H.R. 8, Job Protection and Recession Prevention Act...extends all expiring tax rates

July 30, 2012
Growth Without Barriers Webcast: "Politics, Policy and Small Business" - July 31, 1:00 p.m. ET

July 30, 2012
KEY VOTE: Tax Reform and Tax Certainty, H.R. 8 and H.R. 6169

July 27, 2012
Chief Economist Keating Comments on "Abysmal" Q2 GDP Growth

July 26, 2012
KEY VOTE: H.R. 4078, Red Tape Reduction and Small Business Job Creation Act

July 26, 2012
Capital & Credit Watch: U.S. Senate Votes to Push Small Business, Economy Over the Cliff

July 25, 2012
SBE Council Member Flemming's Testimony: "Tales of Resilience: Small Business Survival in the Recession"

Productivity Continues to Underperform
August 8, 2012

Productivity for 2011 and in the first quarter of this year was, quite simply, poor. Data released on August 8 for the second quarter of 2012 was better than the first quarter, but not exactly robust.

Asthma and Allergy Medications



Crowdfunding and Capital Access: A New Framework is in the Works and the SEC Must Get It Right

SBE Council has successfully advocated for the reform of outdated securities laws, which have prevented investment capital from reaching worthy entrepreneurs and their enterprises. The Jumpstart our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act) was recently signed into law by President Obama, creating a new regulatory framework for crowdfund investing. Now, we must ensure that regulations governing this new framework work to support, not undermine, the new platforms for raising capital. SBE Council statement on the signing of JOBS Act.  SEC Seeks Public Comment Prior to JOBS Act Rulemaking.   SEC Issues “Frequently Asked Questions About Crowdfunding Intermediaries” on May 11.

06.20.2012 Updated! Resources for Going Global
06.10.2011 Updated!: Doing Business With Government
03.14.2011 PROTECT HSAs! Preserve Health Care Choices

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Federal Budget Trends

If you’re concerned about how high federal government spending and debt have reached in recent years, the latest numbers on the current fiscal year from the CBO offer little hope for positive change.

08.03.2012 Same Story on July Jobs...Results are Rather Grim
07.27.2012 Poor Q2 GDP and Future Expectations
07.20.2012 Building Small Business
Please Define "Tax Loophole"

by Leonard Steinberg, President, Steinberg Enterprises, LLC

What is the definition of a "tax loophole"?  Much has been said and written about these, but no one has provided an example of a specific tax loophole. Leonard Steinberg writes that as an accountant he can "categorically state that there is no such item that is a tax loophole."  Read Steinberg's column to find out why.


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