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Access to capital and credit is the lifeblood for small business growth and viability. During this period of economic volatility, protecting and increasing entrepreneurs' access to credit and capital is critically important.  After all, the future health and vitality of the U.S. economy rests with the ability of entrepreneurs to create jobs, invest in their businesses, innovate and compete. Such productive and necessary economic activity rests with their ability to access capital and credit.

SBE Council's Capital and Credit Watch is devoted to tracking, reporting on and advocating for solutions that will ease the finance and credit crunch for small business owners.  The Watch center will not only be an effective tool for researching trends, solutions and best practices for helping entrepreneurs better understand what is occurring in the marketplace regarding credit access and financing, it will also provide SBE Council members and the business community with a one-stop shop for learning what SBE Council is advocating for in terms of policies and legislation to make credit and capital more abundant and affordable.

Analyses: Policy Proposal Impact on Capital and Credit Access

Marketplace Trends & Alternative Financing for Small Businesses

Global News & Trends Regarding Access to Capital and Credit

Studies, Surveys and News Focusing on Capital and Credit Access

Letters to Congress: Legislation Impacting Credit and Capital Access for Entrepreneurs

Comments on Proposed Rules & Regulations Relating to Capital and Credit Access


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